Lab Engineering
Lab Engineering

Lab Engineering

Design and consultancy in the following sectors: energy, hydrocarbon,chemical and petrochemical

The main goal of LAB S.r.l. is to relate with clients dynamically and efficiently giving accurate and qualified responses in a short time also utilizing concepts of reverse engineering and increase in virtual reality.

Problem solving activities on on-shore and off-shore sites aim to meet the needs of the client starting from commissioning systems to reability, to operative systems, to energy conservation, to innovative technology to arrive at possible review procedures and documents when requested by the client.

Furthermore as it can been seen by the references, the company is able to provide services also for:

- Specializations in business courses (Eni University)
- engineering and documentation for agencies
- construction engineering and maintenance

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LAB S.r.l., is able to supply multidisciplinary engineering in the following sectors:

  • Offshore and onshore systems both drilling and oil and gas production
  • Hydrocarbon and chemical process systems
  • Power generation systems
  • Process control systems
  • Fire prevention systems
  • Natural gas pipelines
  • Environment